green smoothies

we've been making green smoothies for a couple of months now, and i love them!  they are a great way to get more raw foods into your diet, including all of the fiber and other good stuff that doesn't always come with drinking fruit or veggie juice - and, in our case, a it's great way to get our kid to eat vegetables he normally wouldn't touch.  (which, really, is any vegetable other than sweet potatoes and tomato sauce.)

there are a ton of different ways to do these, and it's pretty easy to just wing it with whatever you have on hand.  i'm AMAZED at the kind of things i've been able to sneak in these without anyone being the wiser - dried alfalfa grass and nettle leaves, cod liver oil, even walnuts!  i think i'm going to try ground flax seeds soon.  (i've never tried it, but you could probably even pull a rocky and get some raw egg yolks in there if you wanted.)  so get creative; there's no single way to do these.  that being said, however, here's how i most frequently make them (all measurements are EXTREMELY approximate):

3/4 c. frozen berries
1/2 c. orange juice
1 c. kefir or yogurt
2 good-sized handfuls of spinach
1-2 bananas
6 tsp cod liver oil
1 tbsp raw honey
1 tsp dried herbs/grasses/leaves

because our blender isn't anything spectacular, and because i have a relatively predictable gag reflex when it comes to un-massacred bits in my smoothies, i make sure to blend the berries and juice REALLY well before adding anything else. i add enough water to make this easy.  then i add the kefir and spinach and blend REALLY well again.  then i dump in the rest of the ingredients, blend until the bananas are dominated, and call it good.  this usually makes 2 full-sized smoothies and a halfie for atticus.

we drink these through a straw to further avoid any big clumps, and because i'm kind of obsessive about drinking most things through straws for dental reasons, but it's not necessary.

also, because we use mixed berries and yogurt, ours don't come out looking very green at all.  most mornings they look like normal berry smoothies, but maybe a little browner/greener.  not GREEN-green like in the picture.  so if the color throws you off, it can be remedied.

i will warn you with these - if your kid is still in diapers, watch your back.  these will do some serious detox on their system and, uh, just make sure you have plenty of wipes on hand in case stuff gets out of control.  i can only describe it as "intense."  that being said, it's not so bad that it deters me from making these most mornings out of the week - just a little disconcerting if you don't have the heads-up.

do you make green smoothies, or have any suggestions for other stuff i could throw in ours?


The Grout Family said...

thanks for posting!! they sounds great! where do you find the cod liver oil?

TheCrislers said...

Yay! Thanks for the (approximate) recipe.

paige said...

i get our cod liver oil from amazon (there should be a link a couple posts back in my 'favorite things for the kitchen' post). it's twinlab brand, which from what i've read is a decent company, and you can get a three pack for like 15 bucks. a single bottle of the same stuff at wheatsfield is like $11 or some crazy thing. carlson labs is also a good brand, but it's significantly more expensive.

ours is unflavored and we like it just fine, but they have like lemon and orange flavored kinds as well.

hope this helps!