day in the life: kids' room and bathroom

okay, here we go with this week's installment of the guts of our household.

just a warning: if you are at all prone to motion sickness, maybe sit this one out.  i apparently got super hyped up with the prospect of filming my kids' beds and my camera work is pretty wonky.

also - if you're a heathen that stands outside our window, i apologize for not getting express written permission to talk about you on the internetz.

*note - i filmed this shortly after christmas, which is why the chalkboard hasn't been updated.  todd finally changed it from a christmas song to an actual bible two days ago.


Alana said...

Just like to say that I'm really enjoying the weekly documentation of your home. It's awesome to see how clearly open your place is to hospitality and generational ties. Plus, you remind me so much of Lindsey at Passionate Homemaking. Well, you're sort of better b/c while she makes her own mustard, I can't say that I've known her since I was four. :)

paige said...

hahahaha, i LOVE passionate homemaking so that's an awesome compliment!!! (and if you're wondering, i DID get the idea for these from her post about her kitchen. so i'm a thief but i'm okay with it!)

paige said...

also, i tried to come up with some kind of 'blood is thicker than water' joke, only having to do with mustard, but it's kind of a flop. but here it goes anyway...

acrobats on the school playground choreographed to 'a whole new world' are thicker than mustard.

...sorry. that's all i got.

paige said...

watching grease until we passed out is thicker than mustard.

paige said...

dropping stuff through the air vents in your house is thicker than mustard.

arguing with your uncle about the beatles v. the eagles is thicker than mustard.

watching your super-shiny cat eat raw eggs is thicker than mustard.

i'm on a roll.

Alana said...

Your memory is amazing. I'd forgotten the fun we had dropping stuff down the vent in my room, and arguing with Bub about the Eagles v. Beatles. Can't forget the Pleasant Lawn choreography. That must have been so funny to everyone else.

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