i love the new year.  it's like the ctrl-z of life...if you want to say 'scratch that,' the new year is fine with it.  wanna become an entirely different person this year?  the new year is all, whatevs. i gotchu.

by nature, i am a list-oriented, goal-oriented, task-oriented person.  screw relationships.  i have a list and some good intentions and i plan on using them.  because of this, i have spent much of december mulling over what i will do over the coming year.  and honestly, i get excited thinking about all the things i will do.

things that include learning to shoot in manual mode.  eating differently.  moving my blog over to a less pervo-friendly url.  (not talking about you - i love you and you are not a perv.)  crafting more, stressing less, reading more, wasting less, showering more, not-showering less.  working on looking like NOT a pile of garbage on most days.  you know.  your standard, run-o-the-mill resolutions.

but god opened my eyes to all that i do.  i rely so much on what i do. and in my mind, what i do equals who i am.   if i do a lot, i am a lot.  if i'm good at a lot, i am good.  but even though that's how i see myself - and frequently, how people see each other - that's not god's mindset and he doesn't want it to be mine, either.

so instead of 'resolutions' per se, i'm instead going to adopt a theme for this year - abide.  the greek word for abide is meno - meaning 'to remain, tarry, be held, or kept continually.'  i want this in my relationship with god.  i want to tarry with kept continually by him.  not to just check my quiet time off my list and continue on to my next 'to-do.'  so this year will be the year i get to focus on abiding in christ.

and the awesome thing? christ promises that when i abide in him, he will abide in me. he will tarry with me, remain with me.  and this is all i want out of this life.  not that other things aren't enjoyable or even good things, but all that matters are those ways in which i will spend my time that moth and rust can't destroy.

so, because i am who i am, i still have a list of 'goals.'  which are basically the same as 'resolutions' only with a working-class name.  but they aren't allowed to hold me...make me tarry with them...keep me continually...the way christ will be invited to do this year.

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.
john 15:4


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This was the topic/point of our sermon Sunday. Must be something to it!