okay, so it's day two of my new resolutions, and i'm feeling pretty good.

1. 7 am wake-up: my alarm went off at 7, and i didn't get up until 7:11...and go figure it's the one day atticus wants to sleep longer...but i did it.

2. more frequent blogging: this is my second blog in two days. check.

3. sleeping in the crib: um, well, so he took his first morning nap in the swing, which he's never done before, and which i say is a decent start, since it isn't the bouncy chair. also...he's currently sleeping in the bouncy chair. but the vibrating thing isn't on, so that's also a start... sort of.

4. cheap healthy meal planning: i made a smoothy for breakfast, as opposed to the recent eat-some-cookies-at-11 habit i'd developed. also, i will be sitting down and putting together my 2-week grocery list later today, so i might revamp my february meal calendar a little first to help with this goal.

5. memorizing scripture: i picked a couple verses yesterday, but i haven't started memorizing them yet. and LG, i will be calling you - accountability sounds like an AWESOME idea.

6. regular routine for each day: um, that's a no-go yet. but maybe i'll work on that tomorrow?

7. house cleaning: so, i started to clean the stove...but now all the burners are off, and have been for the last 15 hours - so i'd like to say i started this one, but in reality i think i just made more work for myself later. so -1 point on this goal.

8. 3-hour schedule: and DONE.

9. grocery shopping: i've come up with a few ideas, though i might have to wait until the next shopping trip to implement them.

also, i'm wanting to join a MOPS group, i think. however, the one in town meets in the evenings, and the nearest one that meets during the day is twelve miles north. so who knows. anyone want to go to MOPS with me? laura? allison? tiffany, you want to commute from pennsylvania once a week - the hardest part would be getting to town, but then MOPS is only ten minutes away, so no biggie, right? let me know.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm a maybe on MOPS. A woman from worked asked me to go once and I thought it sounded like an old lady thing... but I guess that would be odd for old ladies to have preschoolers...huh... Yeah, I'd try it. If you have an extra car seat base or are really good at setting yours up in other cars (I'm not) we could carpool!

Ted n' Tiff said...

Yeah, Paige I'll come with you!!Hahaha! It will only take me 16 hours to get there, no problem! Hope you can find someone to go. I would definitely come if I was living in Ames again.