new resolutions.

so, i have decided to get my life back in order. it has been two months now since the kiddo arrived, and i am determined that it's time to resume to my regular, organized-chaos kind of a life. so here are my goals (a month later than most people made theirs, but hey, everything happens later than typiceal now with atticus):

1. wake up at 7 am and start atticus' day. i will no longer try to cheat the system by waking him up at 6:30, feeding him QUICKLY, then putting him back down, hoping to trick him into sleeping a little later than his tiny internal clock would prefer. (i swear, 7 am on the dot, that kid's awake.)

2. blog more often - and include things other than atticus. (what did i ever talk about before?!)

3. get the babe to sleep in his crib for some naps. he can't sleep in the bouncy chair for the rest of his life (although i do wish they made them in adult sizes).

4. learn more about cheaper, healthier meal planning.

5. start memorizing scripture - and not just verses that have to do with being a wife/mom.

6. set up a regular routine (or, at least, a regular GOAL) for each day of the week.

7. include house cleaning on my goal list... and actually do it... :(

8. successfully get atticus on a 3-hr schedule, although it's been 3 days now, and he's totally fine with it, so maybe this "resolution" took care of itself. seriously, he was so ready and i couldn't be happier. a half an hour doesn't seem like a lot, but it so is.

9. figure out a more efficient method of grocery shopping: best time of day, best route, whether it's better to have someone watch atticus while i go, etc.

i think that's it, for now at least. i'll keep you updated. if i get serious about resolution #2.

also, the countdown to arizona is 13 days!!! ahh, warm weather... now i know what to do with all those 0-3 month shorts atticus ended up with somehow. i'll have to find where i put my bathing suit...i haven't worn it in a year, since we went to jamaica.

in other news, todd and i have started to look at houses, which is SUPER EXCITING!! i've been going around with teresa dodge, and when i find one that looks interesting i'll note it. then later on in the game, todd will go around and look at all the ones that are worthwhile (it seems silly that he should waste the little time he has looking at dumphole houses, so this seems like a more efficient way to do things.) so far i've looked at...11? 12? houses, mostly so-so, but a couple that have DEFINITE potential!! i'll be looking at more on friday!

okay, well, that's the dealio. peace out.


Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of #3. Max had a cold when he was really young so we put a soft blanket in his car seat to let him sleep while slightly elevated. He loved it and we let him sleep in it for a few months... and there went my mother of the year trophy :-)

LisaGrace said...

yay! anything i can do to help, let me know!
i work during the day, but if you find that your schedule allows you to grocery shop after four, give me a call, i'd love to hang out with your kid!
also, this is totally just an offer, but i'd like to start memorizing more scripture too, and if you want an accountability partner (to meet with or whatever)...also call me!

love you paige!