hello again

i forgot to mention a few of my very favorites:


staring at the couch (oh, man. i could do this all day long. i love that couch.)

i have decided to give a few things a chance:

..baths. they're not so bad. i guess. pacifier. we're becoming fast friends, although i get angry when it jumps out of my mouth. why does it do that?


LisaGrace said...

heck no! the cutest kid in the world...CUTER??!?!?! how can this be possible?

whenjeskasparks said...

seriously love that kid!
he has todd's smile in the last picture.

tivo vovo said...

i love my son so much!

Danielle said...

Holy crap!!! I need to come see you guys! What an adorable smile! xD

Love the profile picture btw!