i do love me a deal.

so, it's grocery shopping weekend in the van voorst house, which makes for an interesting few days. i go once every two weeks, so every other wednesday/thursday i spend time looking through the grocery ads, my coupons, online coupons/deals, and my menu plan for the next two weeks and put together my shopping list. we limit our grocery/household items budget to $80 every two weeks (not including baby stuff like diapers), which has seemed to work well for us. then i try my darndest to squeeze every little bit out of that budget as i can, which has actually become really fun; like a brain teaser or something!

the only downside to the whole process is the amount of time it takes, but i'd personally spend the time than the extra money - but that's just me, and it works well since i stay home and have more time to spend on stuff like this. (it has become a little more complicated with atticus, though, i'm not going to lie.)
so, this week i'm feeling very accomplished. i haven't yet made it to hyvee yet, but between walgreen's, fareway, walmart, and aldi, i got the following table-full of food/etc. for just under $49, with over $34 in coupon savings:

and my proudest purchases: the following stuff (which was all included above) was all bought for less than $3 total. nice.
on an unrelated note, atticus has been knocking his goals out of the park like a champ. (he's on a 3-hour schedule and has taken four crib naps and only 2 bouncy-chair-sans-vibration naps in the last 2 days. score.) so now i think we're going to tackle nighttime feedings. right now he's eating at 10:30 pm, 2:15 am, 5 am, then when he wakes up at 7. however, i was talking to allison and she said that sometimes makenna wakes up, not because she's hungry but because she's transitioning between sleep cycles and just needs a little help getting back to sleep. i have no idea if this is the case for kiddo v.v., but i thought i might try tonight to see whether he is actually hungry or just in need of a little extra help falling back to sleep.
i think atticus was trying to get back at me for waking him up at 7 the last two mornings, because he was up and at 'em at 6 this morning. thrilling. so we hit walmart, target, and salvation army, and made it home by 9:30. not too shabby.


Ted n' Tiff said...

yeah, we don't think about him changing since we see him every day, but my parents who see him about once a week always say how big he's getting and how different he looks. by the way, I was very impressed by your deal finding savy!

Ted n' Tiff said...

Paige you are great at finding those deals!!! (Ted left the last comment and so I had to leave one too!) I am very impressed. Makes me want to strive harder!! I use coupons and love them but don't always plan the best. Have been fairly good though about keeping in the grocery budget. I may have to talk to you sometime about some tips for becoming more thrifty!