baby's first blog

hello all. in case some of you haven't met me yet, i figured i'd make my first post about my basic likes and dislikes.

i like when mommy carries me in the sling.

i like being the center of attention, like on my one month birthday.

i really like my activity gym.
(mommy likes sleeping in daddy's kurt cobain tshirt. kurt cobain likes staring at me while i stare at my activity gym.)

i like cuddling.

i do NOT like baths. on a related note, i do NOT like being cold.

i like cute girls.

i like sucking on daddy's fingers.
i do NOT like my pacifier. at all.

i like sucking my thumb.
mommy does NOT like it when i suck my thumb.

i do NOT like wearing my cap forward. i'm too cool.

i like wearing my cap backwards. i think it makes me look like an x-gamer.
i like doing what dad does.

i like following all the latest trends.

i do NOT like my car seat.

i like sleeping. most of the time.

i like watching football in my sweats with dad.

i like pooping. and farting. and making this face.
i like sitting in the bouncy seat that mommy's friend found on the side of the road.
mommy likes free stuff.

also, in the last few weeks, i've had many firsts:
my first bottle
my first smile
my first cooing
my first "birthday" (one month)
my first bald spot
my first kenny rogers theme party (and my first party in general)
my first ride (of many) in my new swing

and in four weeks, i will take my first airplane ride to arizona to see my grandpa tony and grandma jacqi. mommy's very interested to see what it will be like to travel with a baby. she's sure i've got a few tricks up my sleeve. who, me?!


Ted n' Tiff said...

Todd & Paige.. He is sooooo adorable! I just wish I was there to come visit and hold your little guy :( We miss you guys. It was nice talking to you on the phone Paige. Oh and I love the idea of this blog you did. You're so creative! You look like wonderful parents! Blessings.

LisaGrace said...

that was definitely the most adorable blog i've ever read. i love that little man.

jared said...

my favorite was the kenny rogers party!

whenjeskasparks said...

not to mention his first visit with his first jeska.
what can i say, i love that kid.