be still my beating heart

so get this: not only did harvest vineyard put on an awesome garage sale where everything was free, but god also used it to meet one very gaping hole in my life: my lack of an LFO cd. this problem has now been solved and i am complete.

what?! YOU DON'T REMEMBER LFO? they were only, like, the best band since 5ive. (anyone else besides me and sam gines remember 5ive?!!) my eighth grade experience would've looked much different without these self-proclaimed 'playas' in my life. sadly, until now, i have never actually owned their music. or a liner-notes fold-out poster of them. but all that changed on friday. and i am ECSTATIC.

driving home with this puppy blaring in my stereo (it was rainy, otherwise i would have rolled my windows down and cranked it), i was rolllin'. have a little taste of their sweet songwriting skills:

"i'll steal yo' honey like i stole yo' bike,"

"hip hop marmalade spic 'n span, i met you one summer and it all began,"

"you love hip hop and rock and roll, dad took off when you were four years old, there was a good man named paul revere, i feel much better baby when you're near," and

"call you up but what's the use, i like kevin bacon but i hate footloose,"

it really is just one big pinata of words. you never know what kind of chaos is going to come down when you hit it, but whatever it is, it'll probably be the highlight of the party. and you know what? these are just lyrics from ONE SINGLE SONG. (also, he's right, there's no use calling me if you like kevin bacon.)

want more? how about, 'shooby doo wop and scooby snacks, i met a fly girl and i can't relax, the only problem is she's a movie star.'

and i can vouch that that really IS the only problem with LFO.

also, did you know LFO stands for "light funky ones"? and it is verifiably 100% accurate that these ones are both light AND funky.

i LOVE garage sale season.

(i lived with miranda robinson the summer she laid down this awesome tribute to LFO. check it out - i can't sing the real lyrics to LFO anymore because of LOL, and i mean that in a good way. 'when i met you i said my name is lisagrace, you look like a bro who has a butt for a face.'  tell me that's not better.)


Alana said...

5ive were awesome! British and just a little bit "badder" than the other boy bands.

Little correction: LFO actually stood for "Lyte Funkie Ones." You know, because it matters. :)

jeanne and david said...
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allison said...

Sorry about the deleted comment. That was me....I'm just using my mom's computer and I didn't realize I was logged onto her account.

I was almost in tears reading this post. I too own the LFO cd, but unlike you I bought this treasure full price when I was in High School. Had I known how much LFO meant to you I would have let you borrow the cd.

lisagrace said...

how do say 5ive? is it just five or is it five-ive?! either way, sounds awesome.

you know, LOL was inspired by a free garage sale LFO cd as well. it seems it's come full circle.