what's up weekly. (and callista's first bath!)

This week, like last, revolved around swimming.  Unlike last week, Callista got in on some of the water action.

She got her first at-home bath!  I'd given her some washcloth spot-cleans as necessary, and I don't like to give too many newborn baths because it dries their poor little skin out, but it was time.

And as for the big kids, they finished up swim lessons yesterday.  (Please forgive the sometimes-wonky photos; the autofocus on our camera lens has crapped out, so we're having to wing it in manual mode, which we know literally nothing about, other than "twist things on the lens around until stuff isn't blurry anymore."  So everything has ended up overexposed.)

Most of them are moving on to the next level next summer, and Laurelai is excited she'll finally get to join them!

And there hasn't been much else going on beyond that, other than the fact that we are officially ready to start school next week.  Amazon orders have been placed, trips to Staples and Hobby Lobby have been made, and bookshelves have been stocked with this year's stuff.  I am so ready.


todd said...

callista is like 40% eyes at this point

the jersk. said...

i want to do that first bath so badly but mancub hasn't finished his belly button yet 😑
i think ruby's dropped off at like day 16-17 so it has to be soon right? it's hanging on by a gooey thread and driving me nuts.