our resident woodworker.

Atticus got a pocketknife for Christmas this past year, and he's constantly carrying it with him.  As long as he lets me know when he's using it, and is taking the safety precautions we've laid out for him, I've just let him kind of do his own thing with it. Until recently, he'd mainly used it for skinning the bark off of sticks he found in the yard.

But then a few weeks ago, I checked out a couple of books on whittling and woodworking from the library, thinking that we might spend some time on woodcrafts this year for school.  As soon as he picked up the first book, he was hooked.  He pored over that thing until he had it memorized.  He now spends his days telling me about what rasps do, and planning projects, and asking how much coping saws cost and how old he'll have to be before he can have his own saw.

Because he's still a bit too young yet for a saw, he's limited to his pocketknife.  Which he doesn't seem to mind, and he now spends two to three hours each afternoon by himself in the garage, hacking away on the stick of the day. 

The other day, I watched him from the kitchen window as he tried to find a good carving stick in our yard - picking up one at a time, examining each, and saying an audible "no" as he shook his head before throwing it down and looking for another.  He did this probably three or four times before finding the perfect specimen.  (He reminded me of Michelangelo, looking for the sculpture inside the block of marble.)

He has been giving his carvings away as gifts to each of us in turn.  He gave me THE most adorable, tiny, primitive little bird that now sits on my kitchen windowsill and keeps me company while I do dishes.  And he whittled a tiny little pegdoll-style soldier for Finneas, which he even wrapped and presented with a handmade card that read, "Dear Finneas, I love you. You fill my haert. You bring me so much joy. I love you Finn, that's wiy I made you this.  Hope you like it. Love Atticus."  UM, KILL ME NOW IT WAS SO SWEET.  (And the front of the card read, "To sumwun speshel."  SERIOUSLY I JUST DIE.)

I just love seeing this interest blooming in him!  Maybe by the time we get to woodcraft projects in school, he'll have enough experience and know-how to just teach me.  Or maybe I'll just let him continue to do his own thing with it and eventually employ him to build me a new couch.  (Believe me, the thought has already crossed his mind - he asked me yesterday where one might purchase cushion springs.  I'm liking where this interest is going.)


todd said...

i love watching those that i love make efforts to love each other. listening to him read that card was a proud moment. i love our family!

YAYA said...

When Atticus was at our house this summer, he carved a submarine for me, complete with port holes. He presented it to me, wrapped in paper that contained his original drawing as to how he thought it should be shaped. Then on the flip side of the sheet was his intended paint scheme. We ran out of time for him to paint it, but it is here waiting for his return. It will look perfect in my office! <3 that boy!