homeschool portfolios. (missouri record keeping)

The week the kids were up at my mom's and I was pretty couch-bound with Callista, I spent most of my time trying to gather stuff together to complete the kids' portfolios of last year's school work.

Every time I see this photo, I think, "Duh, I need to go back and change that to say Grade Two," since I originally wrote it incorrectly (because I'm clearly a dummy).  And yet I still haven't fixed it.

Missouri state homeschooling law requires, among other things, that we keep portfolio records of their work, which basically serve to prove that we completed the required number of core and noncore hours over the course of the year.  So along with the yearly and weekly schedules, booklist, and scope-and-sequence sheets, I had to include logs of all of our hours.

But after all that boring mumbojumbo, I got to show off the kids' hard, creative work in all of our subjects.

Atticus' completed free reading list for Term 1

A printout of all the poems, Scripture verses, math facts, quotes, and personal info (like phone numbers and addresses) the kids learned through the year.

Examples of Atticus' handwriting work... and his freestyle construction art.

As we read through Paddle to the Sea, we mapped Paddle's journey through the Great Lakes.

Other things included in our portfolio were copies they'd made of each term's Artist study works, lyrics to the folksongs and hymns we learned, and photos or examples of their arts and crafts.

Because Charlotte Mason schooling involves very little paper work or seat work, a lot of our documentation involved lists of activities we did and places we went (along with any brochures and guides available for these adventures), as well as lots and lots of photos.

When we moved from Iowa, where we had the amazing freedom of no state oversight, to Missouri, I was pretty bummed.  And while I would still strongly advocate for absolute homeschool freedom, the portfolio requirement here has at least provided the silver lining of a scrapbook of their work each year, which I probably wouldn't have kept if I didn't have to.  If we ever move elsewhere, I will probably continue (or at least attempt to continue) keeping these binders of their work.

Supplies I used:
1.5-inch binders
Subject dividers
Photo sleeve sheets


Liza Watkinson said...

❤️!! Such a great idea. Thank you for sharing��

todd said...

these turned out so well! thanks for all the hard work you put into them.