what was up this week.

atticus has discovered a new friend (and the friend's visiting friend) who hangs out in the yard that connects to ours diagonally.  she also has a sword and will therefore clearly be a lifelong pal.  

just a typical day in the life of a lost boy of neverland.

todd took the kids on a walk one evening while i stayed home feeling and acting first-trimester pregnant.  they discovered a park not too far from here, and i was really proud to see this picture of my normally heights-averse big girl.  notice she scaled the wall while holding a sword.

the two big kids attended our adult service this weekend to see the baptisms that were happening.  (40 baptisms and 1030 attenders across two services!  it is incredible to see god working through candeo, and it's also a bit dizzying to see how much has changed in the two years we've been here.)  it inspired atticus to draw the following picture of john the baptist, baptizing an anonymous nose-plugger.

atticus got a haircut and was beyond thrilled about it.

laurelai found our new box of gifted curriculum and got down to business.  she now knows spanish.

feliz viernes, todos!

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todd said...

i love spring and being able to be out and about and enjoying sun, fresh air and lots of photo ops.