'what's up' weekly.

i haven't done a 'what's up weekly' post in ages.  i'm a little rusty.

penelope is taking off in the reading department.  in this photo, SHE is reading 'dangerous journey' to ME. (it contains words like, 'therein,' and 'lamentable,' and 'destruction.')  she's such a boss.

oh, you know, just a little solitaire amongst the guard.

we have had the CRUD, and we just can't seem to kick it.  todd missed two days of work this week, which is absolutely unheard of for him.  laurelai was feeling very sympathetic.

the kids and i finally got some seeds started.  i know it seems late for this, but it turns out that cedar falls is in this horrible, anomalous section of iowa that is zone 4b, so our last frost date is JUNE 15.  yeah, and our first frost date is october 1.  kill me.  anyway, the weather was gorgeous, and i was clearly freshly showered, so all the planets were in just the right position to make me actually feel like doing something productive with my time.  and, worst case scenario, the seedlings are the size of paperclips by the time they're supposed to go in the garden, and i just order some back-up plants from azure standard.  no harm, no foul in pretending like this was a worthwhile effort this week.

and lastly, it's beginning.  it's only the first week of april, but the weather has been warm and it's rained some, so everything is growing.  including the kids:

SERIOUSLY, HOW DID THEY GET SO BIG?!?!  i mean, look at sister friend, she's a bona fide five-year-old, except for the fact that she's not five years old yet.

it's a good life we live.