and preggo was her name-o.

so, the cat's out of the bag.  if you didn't see on facebook, we're expecting another van voorst in october!  so excited!  and dealing with a bit of trepidation.  and a lot of morning sickness.  (well, not as much anymore.  thank goodness.)

but first things first:  secret-keeping.  i hate it.  if you've read this blog for any length of time, you know i'm a really open book.  ask me anything, and i'll probably answer you with enough detail to make you wish you hadn't asked after all.  big stuff, small stuff, it's all fair game.  so the fact that i have been growing a whole new person inside my body, and have known about it for the last seven weeks has been killer.  not to mention, pretty much every photo taken of me over the last two months involves me laying on the couch and looking like death incarnate.

'how we managed 'family movie time,' or 'the only time in which my kids received adequate amounts of parental supervision.'

it's been difficult hiding this level of exhaustion and pure hobo-ness from the general public.

and there's so much i haven't gotten to tell you!  like how i've been eating cream cheese out of the container with a spoon, and spending tens and tens of hard-earned american dollars on frozen gluten-free burritos and panera clam chowder.  or how barf ricocheted back into my mouth, not once, but twice this time around.  and how i served a dinner of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for the first time ever in my stint as a mother, and how my kids were OVER THE MOON.  apparently i've been trying too hard at this whole parenting gig.  as it turns out, kids can raise themselves, and are happy to do so when fueled on a solid diet of processed frozen meat products and tater tots.

and then there's the nervousness i feel: how is this going to work, really?  and just like having two kids is nothing like having three kids, and having three kids is nothing like having four kids, i'm guessing having four kids is nothing like having five.  some stuff gets easier as you go, because you've done this however many times before.  but some stuff gets a lot harder, because you're juggling another PERSON and their wants and needs and laundry and food and schedule and temperament and relational chemistry.  not to mention the physical space they (and their stuff) occupy.  our house is 1100 square feet.  our people are getting bigger and more numerous, but the house stays the same size... and there isn't an easy, quick or affordable fix.  and then the comments from strangers (and some from not-strangers)...ugh.  these days, the dread of facing people's unkind remarks is enough to make me want to mole-people it up for the rest of our childrearing years.  and then there's the thought of homeschooling with a newborn...

but what's always true is that god always provides for our needs.  maybe i'll figure out how to work the undetectable extension charm on our house.  maybe god will turn the tongues of ill-wishers into bubbletape before they can utter a word to me.  who knows?  all i know is that god is clear that children are a blessing, and i know i couldn't go a day without a single one of the kids we've already been given - i'm excited to have another child i can no longer live without.  what's better than four faces to smooch?  five faces to smooch.

so.  there it is.  all the stuff i've been saving up to tell you for the last couple of months.  so glad you're along for the ride with us!!


Heather said...

I love all of this, and you had me at "mole-people it up".

Can't wait to e-meet the newest Minivan Voorst.

the jersk. said...

not gonna lie, i'm just gonna keep praying you into the mountains with us haha. a big giant house. next door to me. so i can come over all the time and we can resume my dream of overlapping our life just like the ye olde apartament days.

Anonymous said...

First of all, yay!!!!! Second of all, five kids is awesome!!!! No advice from me but life gets better with five:-)

todd said...

now we have a Family Voorst Five of just kids!

as a whole, we're seVVen.

yeah, I did!!!


MamaMae said...

I left a comment. It disappeared. Essentially, you're great and I love your blog and congrats. ❤️

Nicole Kestel said...

Todd & Paige, you two make the cutest little humans! You guys are great parents! Excited to meet the next one!