happy birthday to my five-year-old!

penelope turned five yesterday.  sheesh.  how does that happen?!  she is just simply amazing.  she's whimsical and funny and free-spirited and probably smarter than me.  and lately we've really noticed her growing in compassion and cooperation, which is really sweet to see.

she spends her days in dress up, offering to help me in the kitchen and garden, looking out for laurelai, pretending to be a princess, and squelching any misguided behaviors (or dreams) of finneas'.  she and atticus are still thick as thieves.  (luckily, atticus feels more convinced about the desirability of her presence than he was the day she was born:


she got to pick out the menu for the day, and she chose pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner.  apparently, turning five requires great amounts of energy and she was carbo-loading in preparation.  she spent her day coloring and cutting stuff out with scissors (two favorite activities), watching wordgirl, yelling at the other kids to 'stop ruining my birthday,' napping until 5:30 pm, riding her bike, and getting an encore bath.  because you can't properly usher in a new year of life with dirty feet and mangy hair.

i asked her if she had a good birthday, and she responded, 'yes! i'm so glad i like my family!'  well, that is advantageous.  and she's looking forward to her birthday party on saturday, for which she's requested a pink cake with sprinkles.  just like she requests every year.  she is, in todd's words, 'relentlessly penelope.'

happy birthday, big girl!


todd said...

absolutely lorb this lil lady

the jersk. said...

happy birthday, sweet girl!!

Danielle Tiarks said...

Can I say Atticus looks super weird without his glasses in that video? I know it was before you knew he needed them and 5 years ago, but holy smokes, Atticus isn't Atticus without his cool glasses!