10 weeks

when we were pregnant with atticus, i called him reptar until his human parts were confirmed by ultrasound. with this one, i'm not sure what i will be calling him/her...
(in case you were wondering, no that is not an actual photo of my personal uterus.)

so i googled alien names...i'm deciding between gog, phim, and zhom. any thoughts?

according to, the landmarkers of this week are a grapefruit-sized uterus, noticeable-to-me weight gain, and the a-ok from doctors to continue swimming. according to van voorst family life, the landmarkers of this week include:

*an insatiable love for the couch, sweet pickles, cream cheese, hot chocolate, and CSI:NY.
*a repulsion to most smells, including shampoos and detergents (especially "baby"-scented ones), dirty diapers (go figure), onions, canteloupe, cooked meat, and...ahem, the after affects of todd eating tacos.
*no motivation (and an exuse not) to clean the bathrooms - plus, poor me, the smell of cleaner grosses me out...too bad.
*a lovely gut of what i fondly refer to as pldgne (yep, you read it right) around my middle, and (on the rare occasion that i'm not still in my pajamas) the high-style fashion statement of unzipped pants.
*nearly constant nausea (but very little puking, praise the lord!)
*and of course, the too-long-missed restless legs of pregnancy.

oh, how i miss the days when i thought pregnancy was cute.

really, though, it's all still sinking in. i can't believe i have two kids. we're currently living the american dream...although i'll have to get permission from the landlords to put up a picket fence...maybe i'll just buy some picket fence window decals. no, the new baby will probably eat them... i don't know what i'm talking about.

i'm really excited, and really overwhelmed, thinking about the fact that we will have two babies soon...they'll only be 17 months apart! which is good on the one hand - we want a big family, and i don't want to have infants (and later, teenagers) in my house for 20 years straight because we decided to put 3 or 4 years between each one. but the thought of two tiny kiddos...oh my. (then jacqui suggested the possibility of, scary?)

anyway, this post was pointless. so: votes for fetus nicknames, and predictions of gender? help a girl out.


Anonymous said...

I vote Phim. It reminds me of the sound I make when playing with Max and his toy cars. It's fun to say too. Oh, and I'll throw out a guess of another boy. I loved this post. It reminded me of how fast my mind was working when I was first pregnant with Max. You have just doubled the number of children you will have... this is probably the only pregnancy in which you will want to do that...:-)

Danielle said...

I'm partial to Zorg. I'm not sure if that was an option or not. Are write-in's acceptable?
And regardless of gender, I can't wait until you can put another little peg in your 'life' car. Not sure if I've ever told you this, but cutest profile pic ever.

Since when did you start blogging more often the Jeska AND me?!

sarah said...

I also vote Phim. And I remember that dang restless leg-ness. awful business! I'm super excited for you to find out what it is! I cant confirm an opinion just yet....I need to see you. ;)

tivo vovo said...

i vote kirby. i know it's not super alien, but it is the name of the alien baby left behind in the movie "chicken little."

also, i think it's a strapping young lad, a tiny warrior, a baby man.

YAYA said...

Elizabeth and I both like Kirby

BeckyPerky said...

I shared your good news with the gang at 16th Street and we are all so excited for you! No great name ideas but Lots of Love coming your way!