the name of the game: survival.

who knew that being pregnant with a 10-month-old would be hard work? (not that i'm pregnant with a 10-month-old; how gross and engorged would i look?! i'm just pregnant while also taking care of a 10-month-old, for clarification.)

now that i'm 10 weeks pregnant, most of what i do is lie on the couch all day in my pajamas, while atticus crawls around in his pajamas. it's been a "pajama" kind of month. yes, until yesterday there were 6 loads' worth of unfolded laundry on my couch. yes, there are tons of dirty dishes in the sink because the dishwasher hasn't been unloaded yet. yes, there is (a disgusting amount of) toothpaste splatter on my bathroom mirrors. yes, there are baby handprints all over my coffee table glass (and my glasses lenses). and no, i don't do much about it.

atticus' favorite game lately is to walk up to me (since i'm usually laying on the couch, we're at eye-level) and smack me in the face over and over before he steals my glasses. then he fish-hooks me and goes about his merry way. hmm...perhaps latently angry at me for not playing with him? or...just likes to hit stuff? probably the second, but my pregnancy hormones make me worry for the first.

luckily, he doesn't seem to notice that we're working our way away from nursing. i had really wanted to continue nursing so i really did try to keep going (shh, don't tell the doctors), but atticus was crying as soon as i'd set him down after feeding him. he was super clingy and whiny, and i noticed that the more i pumped, the less i made (as in, down from 13 ounces in the morning to 5).

so i crossed my fingers and tried formula, knowing that he had always refused it before. i think he was so hungry that he would've taken pickle juice if i put it in his bottle - i felt so bad. apparently, i'm not even making 1.5 ounces at a normal feeding, so he sucked down a ton of formula even right after i had nursed him.

so now, i'm giving him formula twice a day and nursing him once if i've made enough. pretty soon i'm sure i won't be making anything, but for the time being it's making the transition easier for everyone. i don't have to quit cold-turkey (which has both emotional and, ahem, physical implications) and we both have time to adjust to the idea of formula (taste being the issue for one of us, cost being the issue for the other - i'll leave you to figure out whose problem is whose).

on top of all this, atticus has a cold and we're teaching him to cry it out at night instead of needing to have us find his nuk for him 2-3 times a night. (yes, if you're wondering, we did this once before, then somehow found ourselves back in the habit of getting up with him.) so it's been rough on him, poor kid. not to mention that in 30 weeks he will no longer be the tiniest van voorst... but we don't have to worry him with that now :)

so i've prioritized. is it essential that he not have his nuk during the day? nope - most of the time when he wants it, i let him have it. is it essential that he have four baths a week? nope - unless he's gelled his hair with bananas, i do it once or twice a week. is it crucial that the house be pristine? nope - we have connection group here on sunday, so the public areas will be clean, but my own bathroom mirror will continue being gunky. and i'm so okay with this.

whew. blogging wore me out. i think it's time to go lay back down.


Ted n' Tiff said...

Oh Paige! The wonders of parenting! I am with you there!! Seth has been cranky, clingy and teething and I am getting absolutely nothing done around the house. He has also been up through the night for some unknown reason. Hang in there. I will be thinking of you.

The Grout Family said...

i know how you feel paige!!! on a plus side, it does seem to be getting a BIT better now being in the 2nd trimester! I better start cleaning while the little guy naps!

Danielle said...

We seriously need to get together. I've got mad laundry skills. :)