big kid foods

when atticus was four months, we got really excited about the prospect of introducing baby foods and started having him eat one or two meals a day in addition to nursing. but to be honest, the excitement kind of waned for both me and atticus, and it became more of a hassle than anything. between making the baby food and freezing it (which really was the easiest part of it all) then actually struggling through feeding him, it really didn't seem worth it considering atticus' lack of interest. so we kind of scrapped that and went back to nursing exclusively. not that we didn't give him crackers or bananas or something to keep him occupied at the table while we ate dinner, we just didn't do deliberate "meals" for him.

when my milk supply started to dwindle, i started feeding him a solid-foods breakfast so i could pump in the morning to supplement throughout the rest of the day. so he was eating cream of wheat and a banana, then nursing (or, recently, taking formula) the rest of the day.

so now that he's almost 11 months, he's able to eat some of what we eat for dinner, so i think it's time to transition him to table foods. this week he's eaten spaghetti, fried rice, and chicken with couscous and sauteed carrots. i think i'll probably start doing lunches for him as well, and maybe a snack or two.

i think with the next one i'll try to just skip the whole 'pureed veggie' stage. i feel like, in our personal situation, it was overrated and unnecessary. and a huge hassle for everyone involved. but i'm excited to move him to table foods! he's becoming a real little person! pretty soon he'll be asking for an after-dinner decaf while he watches the news.


Mark said...

I totally agree. I got burnt out pureeing foods with Beck and didn't even do it with Makai. I don't think I'll do it much this time with Jett.

YAYA said...

I never realized how much Atticus looks like his Aunt Lauren until I saw him covered with food!!


lauren said...

Look at that sweet face!

BeckyPerky said...

I was once told that you feed babies naked so there is less laundry to do. Is that true?

Ted n' Tiff said...

he's getting so big!