my current babe faves.

as a baby, i have definite preferences.

..i do not like yogurt. at all.
..i do like trying to play in the toilet.
..i do not like getting out of the bathtub.
..i do like sticking out my tongue.
..i do not like being left out of dinnertime.
..i do like dancing like a maniac.
..i do not like having my diaper changed.
..i do like any and all strangers.
..i do not like it when people take away my cell phone. it's mine.
..i do like clapping my hands.
..i do not like my sippy cup. because i can't figure it out.

other things i like: hooking people in the lip.
..chicken pot pie.
..any and all things nuk.
..being naked. and peeing on the floor.
..fake chuckling.
..going grocery shopping, or on any kind of special trip.
..walking around like a pro.
..reading books about babies.
..other babies. preferably little ones that can't run away when i fish hook them.

maybe i'll learn to like being a big brother. i don't really know what "big brother" means, except that i have to play by myself all day while mommy lays on the couch like a bump on a log. so...not panning out for me so far, but we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

You can look forward to having another little person that will have a birthday and will get lots of presents that you can play with too. Max learned that about being a brother this weekend :-)

Also, would you like a ride on firetruck that would be powered by your own little legs? If so, tell your mama to let me know...