one annoyance i forgot.

first nurse.


it's a sad day when you realize the internet is CONSISTENTLY more helpful than the nurse. yes, i am that parent, but yes, they are those nurses.


Andrew said...

Hey Paige,

I noticed your lists were a little unbalanced and thought I'd offer my services. If you ever need help identifying more annoyances, I'm there for you.

whenjeskasparks said...

we have one of our MLC doctors in ankeny you should check out. they're always super helpful, and pretty cheap.

sarah said...

have you ever called 1st nurse and 'all the nurses are BUSY' ??!! HIGHLY ANNOYING! i am also that mom...:)

lauren said...

we should have sewing parties! I'm excited to take the machine to school. I haven't gotten the swatches yet but I'd really like to find a light grey upholstery so it's netural but also modern. Once I buy my fabric, I'll document the before and after on my couch.