12 months of...words.

i've decided to have themes for each of the next 12 months. this month's theme is 'purposefulness.'

so far, this is the plan: purposeful in watching less tv. purposeful in doing what i SAY i'm going to do. '7 habits of highly effective people' on establishing a scheduling/planning system.

next month, the theme will be 'welcome.' after that...i have no idea. i still have 10 more themes to decide on. maybe i'll be purposeful about figuring out what they'll be.

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lauren said...

I love you. I saw the 7 habits book on Amazon and it looked really good. I'm going to be getting Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth before the end of summer. It looks really good.

I can't wait to hear what the next ten months will be dedicated to.