things and people i love (and one thing i don't)

current loves:

..mixed cd's from my husband.

..shaker architecture.

..maxi dresses. new sabbath (tuesdays).

..morning walks with my awesome kid.

..vintage snapshots.


..mary kay foundation.

current annoyances:

..stupid useless zippers on all skirts and dresses.

favorite todd quotes from the week:

.."this is totally worth the hepatitis" (as he digs through the trash at the car wash for $2.25 in cans)

.."i don't need eeneebuddy. i got me some ritz crackas." (narrating the thoughts of a lone neighbor girl)

.."want some fridge ice? it's not so much ice as it is kind of cold water in one-ounce servings."

.."no, paige, i will not try your homemade beano."

current favorite quality about my son:
..his favorite of favorite foods is prunes. he will eat anything as long as it's served with prunes.

1 comment :

whenjeskasparks said...

i love youuuuu.
are you moving?
don't move, please.
unless it's here.

also, send me your address (it's 303 yes?) so i can get you that "i got you bABE" tshirt.