purposefulness and four others

"purposeful" month has been going well. i've also dubbed it "intentionality" month, because that word really resonates with me.

there are certain things that i really try to be intentional at doing - being a wife and mom, for instance. i try to do those things with intentionality. in other areas of life, though, i take a more "if it happens, it happens" approach - remembering/accomplishing things on my to-do lists and reading my bible, for instance.

this week has been awesome when it comes to bible reading. i finished the gospel of luke, which i've been working through for some time, and began ephesians. i was also intentional about getting my galatians verses memorized before friday morning (lisagrace comes friday afternoon to recite our verses together). i've also been more diligent at drastically cutting back my tv time, which has not only given me more time to read my bible (as well as other for-fun reading and down-time stuff in general) but also an opportunity to think throughout the day about what i've read. i really feel that god is blessing my efforts - which are really not my efforts at all, but his holy spirit working through me.

i've been thinking a lot about the holy spirit lately - but that's another entry for another time.

the other thing i've been trying to be intentional at is relaxing...doing the things i want to do and enjoy doing, instead of either working or squandering away my free time with things that just pass the time but don't bring me fulfillment.

i haven't started 'the seven habits of highly effective people' yet, but i'm planning on doing that here in the next couple of days.

also, in response to various issues that have arisen lately, i've decided on a couple more monthly themes:

september: sabbath/nourishment
so, surprise of surprises to any and all who know me, i'm a type-A personality and i stretch myself entirely too thin. it's a pride issue at heart, because i like to be in charge and in control, i don't like to delegate, i don't like to say "no" to things, and i don't like to look like i have everything less than 110% together. but god gave us a sabbath as a blessing, and it has been one that i've refused to accept before now, but i think it's sorely lacking in my life.

october: hedging in/hedging out
this is in regards to relationships - the working title was "boundaries," but i think i'd like to use this month to develop healthier relationships all around - both by more adamantly fostering and protecting my most important relationships and by setting boundaries on my less important or less healthy relationships.

november: joy in the everyday
this one's pretty self-explanatory. i watched a clip of a girl talking about "inviting the glorious into the mundane" and it really got my wheels spinning. i think i let the mundane rule the mundane. i read this quote in 'love and respect,' and it's so entirely true: 'the problem with life is that it is so daily.' (anon.) i would like to invite god to do glorious things with my daily life.

i'm also hoping to have a book to read that goes along with each theme.

so, in summary:
july: intentionality: seven habits of highly effective people
august: welcome: a life that says welcome
september: sabbath: ??
october: relationships: boundaries
november: everyday joy: homespun memories from the heart (maybe- still looking for something that might fit a little better)

...and seven more left to go...any ideas for books or themes? what has god been laying on your heart lately?


Melissa said...

I would highly recommend reading Decision Making and the Will of God by Garry Friesen and Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. Both books made a huge impact on my spiritual life. They are very time consuming to read because they are very thought provoking and deep books. If you read them, go slow, take notes, and really think about what the author is saying.

BeckyPerky said...

Todd invited me to read your blogs and I must confess I do it sporadically. I was overjoyed that you shared your goals with us all and was inspired to rethink some of my bigger goals. I have felt adrift lately and have my 'to-do' lists firmly in place but have been struggling to find inner purpose. So thank you again for giving me something to think about. I also wanted to share that if finding time to read '7 Habits' I have it on MP3 which makes it portable for the gym and walks and such. I can e-mail it to you, if you want. Have a wonderful day!