spring cleaning and pantry challenge

so, if you know me at all, you could probably guess that i'm a firm believer in spring cleaning. at least for me personally, i love the feeling of living in a freshly deep-cleaned house - it makes me feel almost like we're living somewhere new, but without the ridiculous effort of actually having to move.

that being said, it's not the most fun process.

as i've been cleaning and PURGING (more on that later), i've also been preparing to move some of our stuff into storage starting in august. so we're needing some rubbermaid totes and things like that in order to better organize our stuff to go outside, as well as some other odds-and-ends that come with spring cleaning, such as a machine-washable mop (made a big mistake buying a disposable-headed mop), shelves for the hall closet, etc.

but i didn't want to spend the money.

so i decided, with todd's go-ahead, to do a pantry challenge for the next two weeks. the benefit of buying in bulk is not only that stuff is often times cheaper, but you have stuff on hand. so for the next two weeks, i will be cooking from what we already have. granted, i did spend 18 bucks on stuff like milk, eggs, bread and bananas, plus a huge package of toilet paper, but the rest of our food is already here. (9 bucks a week for groceries isn't too bad in my opinion!)

the rest of the money we had budgeted for groceries can go toward things related to spring cleaning and storage.

not to mention, it also aids the cleaning process by forcing me to weed out those cans of soup, various cuts of frozen chicken, frozen homemade applesauce, and myriad betty crocker potatoes that i bought on ridiculous mark-down but haven't used yet. the result? tons of free space, less to store, less to have to pull out of the cupboards to clean under.

i think we'll be doing a pantry challenge every six months or so; it just seems like a good amount of time to go in between.

stay tuned for updates and potentially disgusting recipes cooked up during the pantry challenge. (tomato soup-pumpkin puree-chicken-rice casserole? anyone?)

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Anastasia said...

We're doing "pantry challenge" b/c of our move. Tonight we had lentil burgers made with bread crumbs with a side of crumbled feta and lettuce. We had banana/blueberry/peach smoothies for dessert, clearing out our frozen fruit stock. Not too shabby--and it feels so good to get rid of stuff! (I love my washable mop--it's the Real Simple microfiber one from Target.)