it's a miracle!

(i like to think of saying the title in a cartoony, fake-italian accent, like you'd say "MARio.")

the tiniest van voorst has been sleeping through the night! ...basically. he's still getting up once or twice and needing to be re-eggrolled to keep his flailing arms from waking him up, and to have his nuk stuck in.

still, if i don't have to be up for 20 minutes at a time doing it, i consider it sleeping through the night.

so, to recap: the lord made his face shine upon us and was gracious to us.

i have been feeling so good lately with all the extra consecutive sleep, i didn't know what to do with myself, so i started gorging myself on puppy chow. we can't feel too good too's a process. i'm planning on weaning myself off the puppy chow, moving on to granola, then hopefully arriving at eating actual meals like sandwiches and chicken. ahh, one can only dream.

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