baby you can drive my car.

i'm not the only one who got a schmancy new car recently. check out atticus' hot new ride. features include a stick shift, windshield wiper lever (although, he doesn't have actual windshield wipers), a compass, a fan (no A/C for this cool cat), a spoiler, rear turning signals, personalized plates, and (my favorite) baby hydraulics.

he has proven himself to be a really good driver, despite his need for speed and his leadhand when it comes to honking the horn. (honk if you like pureed carrots.)

he still has a lot to learn before hitting the open road, such as keeping both hands on the wheel in a strict but comfortable 10-and-2....

...servicing the engine regularly to keep it running at its maximum potential...

...and abstaining from *ahem* reckless driving behaviors.

once he gets a handle on these lessons, he'll be hitting the highway and cruising the strip like the coolest baby on the block.


whenjeskasparks said...



thanks for making my night.
we got word that one of our patients died this morning. a baby. not much more than 5 months.

hug atticus close for me.

Lauren said...

that was awesome. he doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Danielle said...

amazing! i need to see you two again!

And I seriously love you. I can't believe you remember that! Chicken chests... :D

Ted n' Tiff said...

The pics are sooooo funny!

gmak said...

Beep-beep-mmm-beep-beep YEAH!!!