taking a sick day (or week)

atticus is sick. he started getting sick on friday of last week, and a cold really set in on sunday (the day we returned from AZ). by tuesday morning, it was really bad, and he was having a rough go of it - he had a really stuffy nose and was developing a cough.

i called first nurse to see if i could rub vicks on his chest (the answer was no), but she heard him coughing over the phone and told me to make a dr. appt for that day. however, i went back and forth with the decision, because i felt like i'd end up kicking myself for taking him to the doctor if all they were going to do was tell me he had a cold, not be able to do anything about it, and charge me thirty bucks for the whole thing.

so i didn't make the appointment.

then tuesday night, his breathing became really labored and i was super freaked out that he was going to stop breathing in his sleep or something, but of course by that point, the doctor's office was closed. so first thing yesterday morning, i called and made an appointment.

we went in at 3:30. i figured we'd be in and out after the doctor just gave me some tips for dealing with a kiddo with a nasty cold. however, three and a half hours, four x-rays, a breathing treatment, a rented nebulizer and two prescriptions later, we were finally home!

it turns out he has this bug called RSV, which is a virus that settles in your lungs, and an ear infection. they took x-rays, though, to make sure that his difficulty breathing wasn't related to a heart problem, but thankfully it wasn't. (at his last appointment, they discovered he has a hole in his heart. because they took the x-rays, though, they were able to determine that his heart is shaped normally, so they think the hole should heal itself and shouldn't be too much of a problem. we have an appointment on march 12 to see if it has improved at all.)

seriously, he's been a completely different kid today. yesterday he was having so much trouble breathing through both his mouth and his nose, he's hardly smiled at all in the last week, and he hasn't slept much - mostly because he can't breathe well enough to fall asleep, and once he's asleep he'll cough and wake himself up. however, today he has taken two AWESOME naps (1.5 hours, then 2 hours, now he's back asleep again) and he's been smiling and even cooing a little. i definitely think he feels better!

we have another appointment tomorrow to make sure he's healing well, but i think it's going as well as it possibly could!

poor kiddo - his first illness. but he's been taking it like a man - i'm just glad it's almost over!


Andrew said...

Ooh yeah, good you got him to the doctor. A guy at work has kids that had RSV a couple weeks ago, and his daughter had to stay in the hospital for a while.

Revised Standard Virus.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! So sorry to hear that! It's so terrible when you don't know what is going on with your kids. I'm glad they did some things to help him out. My nephew is about 2 months old and just went through the same barrage of tests and I guess he has pnemonia (sp?). Must be a rough year for sickness! We'll keep Atticus in our prayers for a speedy recovery!

Danielle said...

Aww! So sad! I'm glad the little guy is taking it so well and is getting better! Good thing you got him to the doctor! Love you Paige, and you guys are in my prayers!