hepatitis and $5.40

so i found a can on the road while walking to casey's to buy the sunday des moines register. then i saw another, and another. so i went back to our apartment and got a bag. i went out and filled it up rather quickly. much more quickly than i would have anticipated. i came back and got more bags. i ended up filling about 5 bags. some observations:

- people are messy and litter far too much
- people apparently like giving me their money
- things have not changed since high school: people who chew tobacoo still drink mt. dew (or mtndew as the cool kids say these days)
- i think high school students drink booze in the tree nursery along the bike path behind our place (bud light with mtndew chasers)
- i'm so glad i was wearing gloves (which my wife washed for me afterwards)

at the end of the day, i made $5.40 in bottles, cans, and plastics and cleaned up our neighborhood a little bit. not a bad day's work.


Andrew said...

I have been thinking since the new cans came out that it would be cool if the full name were "Mutton Dew." Because there's something funny about the juxtaposition of sheep flesh and condensation.

Anonymous said...

Take the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me
and the entire human race

(put it to music in your head)

good work Todd!