sweet deal.

just a quickie....

last night, todd and i each got a sandwich from quiznos, a fountain drink to share (aka, a soda for me to drink by myself) from kum 'n go, and two like-it sized ice creams from coldstone for $1.87 out of pocket. how did we do it, you say?

go here to sign up your family for free subs from quiznos - you can sign up each person in your household as long as you have a different email address for each one. note: you have to have a photo id in order to redeem each coupon, so signing up, say, a three-month-old infant doesn't work.

buy gas at kum 'n go and keep your receipt. (bonus: buy at least 12 bucks of gas on a sunday and get the sunday paper - including coupons - for free.) then go here to take the survey - they'll give you a free 32 oz drink.

and as for coldstone, we got a 2-for-$5 coupon from the paper and used a gift card for all but the remaining 1.87, so i have no links to help you out on this one. but if you sign up on their website, they'll give you a free ice cream on your birthday- so sign up everyone in your house!

okay, that's all. just thought i'd share the awesome deals!

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