AZ, a to z.

last tuesday, we embarked on a trip to arizona to see todd's parents. they live in mesa during the winter months and hadn't seen atticus yet. i was a little nervous about the trip, since it's my first time traveling with a baby and atticus' first time traveling period. needless to say, i packed about half the house in our suitcase - just in case, of course - and we took off for the airport. we flew out of des moines tuesday morning, and had a quick (VERY quick) layover in dallas.

we got there in the afternoon, and just chilled at home that evening, which was nice after a long day of traveling. i started getting really hungry that day, and pretty much ate them out of house and home. no joke. i spent the entire week famished and gorging myself on anything high in fat and/or protein.

on wednesday we ate lunch at this awesome little chinese food place (holla back, kwan's sampan!) that served huge lunch plates for 2.95. as mentioned, i was starving and ate my plate of stuff and a bunch of crab rangoons and was a very happy camper. for about an hour, as it goes with chinese food.

that night, we went to the arizona opry where these twins named brenda and barb barleen and the guy who sings "the lion sleeps tonight" (george staerkel. i'm not lying. that's his name) and a guy who looked remarkably like my dad put on one heck of a show. the lion sleeps tonight guy played like 30-odd different instruments and sang really high. it sounds ridiculous. but it was really cool.

the next day, we went to IKEA! i fell in love with pretty much everything in the store, with a few weird extra-swedish exceptions, and bought some twin-sized bedding for atticus. loved it loved it loved it. with a restaurant, a bathroom, and a bunch of beds, i could live there quite nicely. it was also the only place we went that actually had a family bathroom equipped with a chair for nursing and even free diapers! it was at IKEA that i ended up spilling on the kiddo's head for the first time. (of many.)

(the buildup...)and there you have it.
(todd, eating his swedish ice cream)
thursday night we had some seriously awesome mexican food and jacqi told me about some little girl who called her cooter (the little girl's, not jacqi's) a baginacabinet. i laughed.
on friday, i fed atticus in the morning, only to have him projectile puke- twice. he wasn't running a fever or even acting like he didn't really feel good, but it was the start of him getting sick.
later that day, we rode a steamboat around canyon lake, where we saw a bunch of mountain goats, a bald eagle, petrified trees, geodes, and a bunch of rock formations. it was all very bob ross until atticus crapped his pants and i had to strip him naked and scrub him down in front of a boatload of old people.

from there, we drove to tortilla flats for lunch, where the main restaurant/gift shop is pretty much entirely wallpapered with dollar bills, sometimes multiple bills deep. it made it easy to leave a tip. kidding.

yes, that's me, holding my child's face up into a toilet seat. no, i don't know why.

tortilla flats, by the way, is where i spilled bacon and onion rings on my kiddo's head.
that night, we ate at organ stop pizza, whose kitsch is...well, an organ. the entire building was built around this giant, million-dollar organ, which sits on a spinning stage in the middle of the restaurant. they have juliard-trained organists on staff, who entertain the pizza-loving audience with such catchy organ hits as a star wars medley, hi-ho, and "all that jazz." not only do they play the organ, but also control drums, a piano, and a quartet of dancing cat puppets. actually, all serious jokes aside, it was a really cool place and the pizza was AWESOME.

on saturday, we went to a giant swap meet (read: year-round old threshers craft barns + giant new york knock-off warehouses x4) where jacqi bought me these knock-awesome shades: well as a shirt for atticus that says "someone who loves me went to arizona and got me this shirt." pretty self-explanatory. i had my eye on some knurberry (knock-off burberry) luggage and a knurberry wallet, but for various reasons, it just wasn't meant to be.
saturday afternoon jacqi took me to get a pedicure where i sat next to a beautiful tummy-tucked mormon wearing a wig. i'm paranoid i caught a fungus. not from the mormon, from the very old pumice stone that was used. however, the hot stone leg massage and the sugar scrub made it all worth it, even if my foot gangrenes.
also, fyi, it's a place to go if you want a mole removed. i didn't know you could do a surgical procedure in a nail place, but i guess dreams DO come true in good ol' AZ.

that night, todd, tony and i went to a valentine's dinner in the court while jacqi stayed home with atticus. it was really good, and pretty fun, considering we were easily the youngest people there by 20 years. with the exception of the entertainment, which was a few dance classes from a local dance studio - the tiny cloggers were the cutest! (also, spoken word poetry was performed, as a newly-married 93 year old man read an entire internet forward about AAADD: age-activated attention deficit disorder. haaah.)

...and that was our trip. we left sunday morning for the airport, after todd went to walgreens to buy a nose-sucker for our poor sick baby. the travel home was a little more challenging, since atticus wasn't feeling well at all, and was therefore more cranky. but we all got home in one piece (although, atticus' piece was a little leakier than when we left), and are really glad we got the opportunity to go!
some other highlights from the trip:
atticus looking quite dapper in his polo-onesie and jeans.

lovin' on dad, and thinking about how he's going to poop out of that outfit later. for the fourth time. he loves to poop on that outfit.

bracing himself for paparazzi exposure.

hating the car seat. as usual.

three generations of van voorst men.

sneezing, which he did a lot of toward the end of the trip.

yawning, which he also did a lot of, considering he didn't sleep much.

smiling at mom.
making his classic sad face.
one happy family!!


whenjeskasparks said...

i love it all.
especially that sad face w/ jaqui. greatest thing EVER.

i can't wait till my niece/nephew makes a sad face. and poops out. and throws up on me. and smiles at me.


Jessica said...

I really like the 3 generations of Van Voorst men where Atticus is doing the awesome arm pump. He is, apparently, VERY excited to be a VV-man! :)

Paige, I love your humorous honesty about life. It's refreshing. :)

Anastasia said...

I've been to that organ pizza place! Thanks for waking up that sleeping memory. :)