nothing like a good ol' fashioned tractor pull

my parents (tony and jacqi v.v.) called tonight. apparently they were on the home stretch of a long journey which carried them to vermont. why, pray tell, vermont? oh, that's where my dad found an antique tractor, and she is a beaut. he found it on-line. my dad. if you know my dad, you know why that's funny. if you don't, imagine your grandparents finding a toy on the internet and travelling across the country to find it, it's kinda like that.

they took paige and i out to dinner at applebee's, my dad's favorite establishment. he liked my honey bbq buffalo wings. i knew he would, that's why i ordered 20 instead of 10. my mom was rockin' a usa cap. she is awesome. i love my parents. it's been a long time in the making, but we're friends and we're finally restored to the right dynamics of relationship. it feels good. i love my parents. God has used them to bless us routinely. i pray my lil' atticus one day thanks God for us. you can only do what God has asked of you. we can love him, provide for him, correct him, encourage him, and set him free once he's old enough. we can't make him love us though. we can do all the good things parents are asked to do, but only he can choose to love us.

it's a lot like God and us. He loved us before we knew Him, He gave us life, provided us every good thing we've ever known, and yet we're left with the decision to love Him, but He initiated the process, much like paige and i are doing for our lil guy. what an amazing thing love is. what a privilege to be given, what a responsibility to embrace, what a blessing to experience. i love that God set it up that way. it seems more valuable that it cost Him something and it seems more legitimate than the shake n' bake tv evangelists who offer me Jesus at no cost to my life (minus the $19.99 for shipping and handling) love should cost something. if it didn't, it would seem less romantic. i wouldn't want to give my life for something less than love. i know i'd give my life for my wife and my child. God is teaching me about His love for us all in this regard. touche' God, i see where you're going with this. i love you! :)


Anonymous said...

not just anyone can start a blog about an antique tractor in vermont and rap it up with a theological look at the comparison of God's love for us and our love for our children. good spin.

tivo vovo said...

danka shern team dewhurst! that's how i roll.

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