bobby lee duke's lollipop shop

just got home from seeing "fireproof" in the theatres. i loved it. if you go, which i highly recommend, look for bobby lee duke's lollipop shop. it's in there somewhere. i promise. but also pay attention to the movie, it's pretty sweet. i cried like 4 seperate times. i'm getting very sentimental in my older age, especially with a child on the way. i hope he loves God. man, that would be a blessing. i've been praying for my boy's wife, if God would bless him with a woman someday. i hope paige and i serve a great example to him. so in summary: fireproof = good movie, crying = soulishly cathartic, atticus = my son, bobby lee duke's lollipop shop = where's waldo-ish fun!

have a great sabbath!


Anonymous said...

We went on Saturday. Loved it more than you did, trust me. Didn't see the lollipop shop. i'm sure it was a well thought out subliminal message with an extremely deep meaning relating to marriage :-)

tivo vovo said...

you missed bobby lee duke's lollipop shop? did you even get the ending?

Arlindo said...

Not only sign, but the very Bobby Lee Duke is present at the end of the movie, when Caleb and Catherine are at their reaffirmation of vows.

And guess what, he has a lollipop on his mouth.