what's up? (it's hardly weekly anymore.)

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving yesterday!  We are celebrating with family today, so yesterday was really low-key for us at home.  I had Lucky Charms for lunch and nachos for dinner.  Viva America.

But let's back up, shall we?  Let's back waaaay up.  I didn't post last Friday, because let's face it, I haven't posted most days in the last few weeks.  For the eight of you remaining readers, thank you for your steadfastness, grace and lack of expectation.  It will be richly rewarded with a likelihood of continued sporadic posting.  Sorry the prize isn't better.

We have started Term 2 of school, and have already taken two weeks to complete the first week's worth of work.  It's not even Christmas and I'm losing steam.  It's like the planets are aligned against me; also, I'm partly to blame.  But that's usually the case.

In order to pick up some of the slack, Todd has instituted bedtimebooktime.  Basically, the little kids get put to bed and the big two get to stay up and read for a half an hour.  Not only does it help me rack up loggable core hours, but the kids love it, and Atticus' reading skills have grown so much just over the last few weeks.

Last week, a friend texted and asked if I had checked the mail yet.  I hadn't, since I'm incredibly outside-averse, and a veritable hermit, and 99% likely at any given moment to be wearing "pajamas" (old boxers and giant, holey tshirts), so I threw on some clothes and walked the fourteen steps "in public" to the mailbox, and BEHOLD WHAT AWAITED ME.....

That, friends, is Abe Lincoln.  A GOLD Abe Lincoln.  For the CHRISTMAS TREE.  Historically, my favorite Christmas ornament has been this weird, shiny glass pickle that Todd and I bought as our first 'joint' ornament.  This Golden Lincoln is a close second to that.  My Christmas tree is full of oddities, if you can't tell.  SHINY ones.  Just how I like it.

Because of a generous early Christmas gift from my in-laws (a TV! We own a TV!  That actually mounts to the wall and everything!  We're quite the modern family), we have been reinstating family movie nights on Sundays.  The kids had been watching movies on Sundays on the regular, but between the fact that we don't all fit on the living room couch, and the fact that we only had the laptop screen to squint at, and if a single child moved their head wrong, the rest of us lost our line of vision to it, Todd and I had been making a habit of sitting at the dining room table, dinking around on social media while the kids watched their movie.  Familytastic.

So anyway.  Check it out.  We now have a basement family room - with a sofa AND a TV that are both appropriately-sized for our family.  I mean, look:  THERE IS SO MUCH COUCH THERE.  (Please ignore the rest of my spartan basement.)

Ummm, what else?

Penelope and Rocco are thick as thieves.

Laurelai has begun insisting on dressing herself, which is always a treat for the eyes.

Rocco is eating hearty and growing quickly.  I'm going to weigh him when he turns thirteen months to see just how much poundage he's gained over the last month.  He's killing it.

My hair reached noteworthy heights.  I NEED A HAIRCUT SO BAD.  Rocco clearly agrees.

Rocco can now say the word "hat," which sounds like "tuh," but I'll take it.  He loves putting anything and everything on his head and pretending it's a hat.  He struts around and makes all kinds of 'look at me' noises when he's wearing one, to make sure the hilarity never goes unnoticed.

The big kids helped me bake some Thanksgiving treats yesterday.  Every time I bake with just the big kids, I think, "We should really do this more often.  It's not that complicated!"  And then I have to load the dishwasher afterwards and I'm like, NEVAH AH-GAYYYYN.  Yesterday was no different, although at the end of it all, we had a maple-bourbon apple crisp (humminah-humminah-humminah), two pumpkin pies (regular and GF), and a whole thinger of homemade cranberry sauce.  (I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my extended family who even likes that stuff, but it's SO GOOD.  Plus, it makes your plate so pretty and breaks up all the brown that every.single.other Thanksgiving food lends to the meal.  PLUS it's so excellent on a turkey grilled cheese the next day.  Or a Turkey Sandwich With The Moist-Maker.)

Now, off to gorge myself on the fatted calf.  I mean, turkey.  You suckers that got impatient and ate your big meal yesterday have only yourselves to blame.  I'll say a prayer for you and your lonely leftovers before I dig in today.



todd said...

Viva America indeed

Hannah said...

It's a good prize - fun to get a glimpse into someone else's life that has some similarities to mine. This life of lots of little kids and trying to shape their character and help them see Jesus can get lonely! Sorry I don't have a blog to reciprocate the encouragement :( when they want to help you cook do they also help with the dishes? I a assuming they would with what I have seen in their chore charts. Keep up the good work Paige!

Danielle Tiarks said...

I adore reading and keeping up with your family even if it's not reciprocated (like Hannah said). Your family is so fun :)