we're on break!!

We made it!!! We finished Term 1 of our school year, and we're on break this week.  It feels good.  Actually, it feels great.  The kids have spent their extra time playing (and fighting), and I've spent my extra time working on Atticus' portfolio, getting next term's stuff printed and organized, and watching too much Parenthood.

The portfolio thing has been more overwhelming than I'd anticipated - it's just sticking a bunch of papers in a binder, right?  Well, wrong.  Not when you're Paige Van Voorst: Stickler for Organization.  I just mentally feel so mucky until there is a clear order to things.  So I have spent the large majority of this week trial-running binder divider configurations.  Yes, really.

But I think I have a workable system in place now, and it was fun to get all the pertinent stuff in there, and then sit with Atticus and go through it all.  It's only twelve weeks' worth of work, so none of it is totally ancient by any means, but it was still fun to go through and reminisce about it all.  I think I'm really going to appreciate the fact that I have to keep this kind of record for the kids.

I'm still trying to decide what to do about Penelope - whether to keep a portfolio for her this year or not.  Legally speaking, I'm not required to until next year, and it's actually a legal liability in some (weird, nonsensical) regards to have records of school work before age seven.  But she has worked so hard this year, and would love to see her work in a binder, too, so I'm thinking I might risk the liability and put one together for her.

Anyway, there's still a lot to do this week - I need to write up our weekly schedules for the next six weeks, print everything off, go through photos from the last term and send them to be printed, figure out what library books we need and put them on hold, etc. etc.  I also need to video record Atticus' verbal evaluations for Term 1 before we start up next week.

Also: Christmas shopping.  That's a different thing, I realize, but it all kind of bleeds together on the To-Do list.  I'm really hoping to get all of it done by the end of November.

And just like that, our break week is almost gone.  That was fast.

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todd said...

so proud of you and the kids for all of the hard work you all are putting in!