rocco's first birthday.

Our weekend was full, with lots of family coming into town to celebrate Rocco's first birthday!

Doesn't he look so much older?  It's like decades have passed before my eyes.

Apparently all the boys were in the mood to steal stuff from their grandpas.

Here's how he felt about his first bite of birthday ice cream.

Still unsure.

He came around eventually.

I was so proud of my Penelope girl.  She wanted to buy Rocco a present with the money she has earned from chores.  She had $15, which took her a long time to save, and she spent $13 of it on these outfits for him.  She was so thoughtful about her gift as we walked through Target - she didn't want to get him a toy, because she 'didn't want the usefulness to wear off as quickly,' so she chose clothes he will grow into.  Such a sweet sister.

Finneas, inspired by his sister's generosity (and the simple opportunity to experience the novelty of spending money), chose to spend his last $5 getting Rocco this toy helicopter.

In all, it was such a great day, and Rocco is so loved by so many!

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todd said...

I love our family!!!