you probably won't want to be my friend after this.

i'm making felt food for atticus for christmas, and i needed some stuffing to fill the banana with.  instead of buying some from hobby lobby, i just decided to cut open a goodwill-bound stuffed animal and use its innards.  the whole time i felt so guilty and dirty.  it was like that little guy was looking up at me all like, noooooooo.  i'll probably see that in my sleep from now until, i don't know, judgment day.

merry christmas, atticus.  your mommy is probably some kind of sociopath.


Danielle said...

hahaha finally cut into it? it really is logical...i would have done the same without thinking twice.

and that might explain a lot...

lauren said...

I did the same thing once to make a pillow. However, my stuffed animal was a gift from one of gabe's siblings. the pillow was quite lumpy due to the kind of batting the animal was filled with. every time I noticed how lumpy it was, I remembered that I had killed an animal and a gift.