so i've spent all of naptime looking at online renovation tutorials, dreaming about the cutesy little old-house (read: poorly insulated fire hazard with beautiful baseboards) we could possibly own someday.  and how i'll turn some dilapidated old crapshack into a BHG spread in under $100 with just a little know-how and some positive self-talk.

but then i realize that i've spent the last two hours perusing online tutorials rather than actually doing anything productive.  and not only that, but i poured myself a glass of milk like an hour ago to drink with my oreos (who am i kidding - my aldi's brand chocolate waves) and, lo and behold, i haven't actually had any of it yet because i've been too lazy to open the oreos waves. 

that's some pretty serious laziness.  i think there's a proverb about a sluggard who reaches his hand into the dish, but he's too stinking lazy to even bring the food to his mouth.  yep, king solomon was peering into the future going, 'what is a chocolate wave? oh well, i'll write about it anyway.'

so yeah right like i'm going to beadboard my bathroom ceiling at any point.

i don't know what my deal has been lately.  i have been entirely unmotivated to do anything at all.  i have not purchased a single christmas gift.  and considering i'm too lazy to actually go out and buy anything and will instead do it from my computer in the comfort of my own bathrobe, i really need to get on this because the u.s. mail system is not magic.  (in fact, it's probably the antonym of 'magic' if you look it up online.  someone do that for me, i don't feel like it.)  i have to actually give them time to get stuff to me.  and then i have to find the time and ambition to wrap it...

maybe i could give people an uplifting blog post in their honor as a christmas gift.  if only i had stupid friends who would think that was an awesome gift. that it's four p.m. i better lay off the chocolate waves and get myself some lunch.

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whenjeskasparks said...

i love you.
i think we just momentarily changed places...
i swept the kitchen floor, then mopped it, then bar-keepers-friend'd the stove top, then put away clean dishes, then washed the new set, then febreze'd the living room, then organized my laundry, then cleaned the entire bathroom top to bottom including mopping the floor.

'cause i took a day off of class today.


so.. worth it?

idk. you tell me.
but now i'm on to laundry and baking cookies.

also, i miss you.