life in the fast lane

well, probably not the fast lane...more like 'life on the highway on the outskirts of town...going a comfortable 45 mph.  or so."

whatever.  anyway.

what i meant to say is this: we've been pretty busy around here lately.  not that you probably haven't been as well - it was christmas, after all.  we spent the week gearing up: christmas shopping (i didn't even start shopping until december 13), crafting (i didn't start crafting until december 13, either), baking, wrapping, cleaning, packing, traveling, unpacking and recleaning everything that was clean before we left.  i swear we had really messy, but otherwise innocently-intentioned, intruders while we were gone.  how else does an empty house get THAT messy?

the kids made out like bandits; christmas was good to them.  now it's just a matter of finding homes for all the new stuff...and all the old stuff... i really am a 'less is more' kind of gal, so i've been feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of it all, but atticus has seemed to adjusted well enough to having so many new toys.  what a trooper.

in addition to all our regular christmas hullabaloo, we've also started mixing our diet up a bit.  i'm experimenting with a grain-free diet to see if that will help alleviate some chronic health issues (and let me tell you, christmas was an awesome time to stop eating flour) and i've stopped breastfeeding. 

penelope is now 100% bottlefed, which is bittersweet after fighting so hard for the last 4 months, but she really seems to be thriving on it.  i was planning on making my own whole-foods formula for her, but until i could pull all the ingredients together i figured i'd just use the powdered kind in the meantime.  she had a HORRIBLE time with it - it really upset her stomach.  (todd sat through the christmas eve service completely covered in her diarrhea.  awesome.) since then, i've started making our formula from scratch and it sits SO. MUCH. BETTER.  i'm really happy with how well she seems to be doing on it - AND, as an added bonus, it's actually cheaper than the walmart brand!  starting penelope off on the right foot - whole foods and CHEAP is how we try to do things around here.

so all that to say, our christmas season was busy - too busy for my liking, really.  we're already in discussions for how to cut out the busy-ness next season so we can truly focus on the first coming of christ, and eagerly anticipate his second coming.  so, to buy back some of the focus i lost during the season, i have refused to do what i do best - move on to the next thing.  all my christmas decorations are still up - and will be for a while.  i have not planned my new years resolutions (okay, i have not written them down, which counts). i have not planned my spring cleaning.  i am in love with jesus and i'm letting that be it.  and it's enough for me right now.  which is a great feeling.

how are you feeling after the holidays?


apotratz said...

Formula can be really hard on the babies bellies...not sure if you saw my post on when we had to temporarily put Josiah on formula and he had the smelliest poop ever and it seemed like every diaper was full of it! Glad you've find a cheap and healthier solution!

Andrew and I never really talked about what we want our family traditions to be for Christmas so hopefully next year we can take some time to really focus on the meaning of Christmas and not worry so much about all of the other "stuff" that comes with the season.

Saved by grace said...

Could I get the recipe you use for formula? If we end up using formula at any time I would like to make my own!!!