top ten and bottom ten. ish.

things that excite me most about the prospect of not being pregnant anymore:
having a normal appetite.
drinking a glass of wine every now and again without worrying that my baby's going to wind up with a third arm.
more predictable hormones.
clearer skin *crosses fingers*
never wondering whether my child is a boy or a girl. hopefully.
staying home.
being a "family" rather than a "couple."
having a baby.
getting to know my kid: what they look like and sound like and smile like and poop like.

things that excite me least about the prospect of not being pregnant anymore:

having to go through the process of becoming de-preggered.
working off the baby weight.
figuring out nursing.
having to actually figure out (and use) a breast pump. scary.
dealing with diapers (i'm seriously considering doing cloth...yikes.)
being responsible for a whole other person's life.
not having any idea what i'm doing.
not having any idea what i'm doing while trying to figure it out on serious lack of sleep and yet having tons of advice thrown my way.
staying home.

so much to think about.

in addition, here are some things i'm seriously considering:
1. using cloth diapers (way cheaper)
2. using glass bottles (way safer). hopefully the kid will take them and won't demand one teeming with BPA.
3. making my own baby detergent (seriously, dreft is a gouge.)
4. making several of my own baby toiletry products (it just occurred to me that baby powder is basically cornstarch with a bunch of preservatives and a pretty scent. cornstarch + essential oil = cheaper same thing, minus the chemicals)
5. hopefully having a garden by the time the kid needs baby food (way cheaper and better for you).

meanwhile, garage saling and second-handing has been magnificent. i bought a rocker today for 15 bucks. granted, it's lime green and has no padding whatsoever, but those are easily remedied for cheap. for those of you not in the loop, i also bought a BRAND NEW medela breast pump for 100 bucks (normally 240) - everything is still sealed up and it's still under warranty until february. um, score? i got a boppy for 5 bucks, a bunch of board books and some little toys, a like-new baby monitor and some brand-new onesies...seriously. i love digging through other people's junk. my kid will will be thrifty-chic.

however, our apartment is starting to look like a garage sale. i need to learn to get rid of our own junk before bringing other peoples' into our house.

welp, off to dinner with the bible study gals.


whenjeskasparks said...

dude, the glass bottles are amazing. a kid at work has them and (i suppose this could just be him) but he drinks them fast, and it warms up fast, they're just awesome.

keep a list of every super cool thing you're doing so you can assist me when the time comes. you're like a mom-extraordinaire and you don't even know it.

Anonymous said...

cheap crib on craigslist...

Also, we bathe our kids in this soap. It is all natural and the people that make it pray over every batch :-) Your kid will be holy clean!

Laura Dewhurst