i am finally getting to me "summer-to-do-list," which in all reality was really more of a "once-i'm-done-with-school," list. i have read "total money makeover," all 7 of the "chronicles of narnia," "the coffee house Gospel," "the friendly road," "brave new world," and am still enjoying my daily time in the Bible. i recently started meeting with my friend andrew weekly to talk about life and sharpen each other as well as my friend hofer, with whom i'll be meeting once a week as well for the same purpose. it's been a long time coming. i'm so excited to be back being busy doing things for God's Kingdom that i really enjoy. i know finishing school was an act of honoring my parents and thereby filled with as much religious zeal as doing accountability, but i'm really glad to be done with the school part (not because i'm done honoring my parents and that was the last punch of the time card). i love reading for the fun of reading and learning about things that help me communicate God to my friends and fellow believers (who often are one in the same, but God has blessed me with many unbelieving persons who find me friendly an reciprocate quite graciously.). i teach at the light on july 10th, so i'm already mentally putting together items for that. i have some resumes in at various places. lots of neat things going on in my world. i got some mad overtime this week, always nice for padding the baby emergency fund. life is very good. God is too good to me. i can't quite explain it probably no more than jacob finding rachel, finding forgiveness from esau, finding riches, finding God. the mystery of grace is unbearable. i'm thrilled to be part of the team however, when i know i deserve to be left on the playground wishing i was better at dodgeball. if you're reading this, you are a peculiar person, quite rare, but hopefully the better now equipped to make conversation with your friendly neighborhood van voorsts. we'll leave a light on for ya.

(as if it weren't painfully obvious enough, this has been todd -- or as i'm affectionately known around the home, "husband." i like the sound of that.)

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Danielle said...

Hey todd! Did you find the info you needed on that website? I realized I probably should have given you the iowa department of public safety, not just the general one.

Glad things are going so well!!