i missed you!

Whew, guys.  So sorry I've been MIA.  Our internet just like, quit.  On Saturday night it was fine.  On Sunday morning it was like, 'Outtie.  Imma find greener pastures.'  Then the internetsters couldn't come to fix anything until yesterday afternoon, and even then they sent out this guy who would only make eye contact with my shorts-region when he talked to me, so that was uncomfortable.  But whatever, now I can Google anything I choose, which I guess makes it worth it?  So now, lucky me, I can answer Penelope's questions about Lizards That Have Stationary Eyes But The Tails Of Which Can Grow Back If Severed, and also the origins of chicken pox.  What did I ever spend time Googling before she was verbal?

Anyway, I had all kinds of plans for what I was going to chat about this week.  I was going to tell you more about our visit to the Big Muddy.  I was going to show you photos of our newly-nine-months-old Rocco.  I was going to issue the final verdict on Ab Rehab.  I was going to tell you how to get cool vintage stuff for your house for dirt-cheap (which is always relative to the current cost of dirt).  I was going to gab away about our strategy for buying kids' clothes that doesn't leave us destitute.  I was going to marvel at how I've surprisingly convinced my kids to beg to clean the whole house (and yard and van) for me.  (This miraculously happened to me yesterday and I was all, HAVE I BEEN RAPTURED AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT?! But then one kid punched another kid and then Second Kid screamed at First Kid and I was like, Is this heaven?  No, it's 10:30 a.m. in Missouri and I need some tequila.) 

Anyway, ALL THE PLANS, you guys.  I was definitely overly ambitious in my blog plans, but I really kind of love blogging.  I feel weirdly awkward about the fact that you people care at all about what happens at our house.  I feel like I'm that friend that you meet for coffee every morning and all I ever do is talk about myself and never ask how your life is, but you still somehow want to meet me for coffee everyday and I'm all like, I don't deserve you as a friend.  You know?  Anyway, that's how I feel about getting to write notes to you every day, so sometimes I get a little over-jazzed about telling you every little thing.  So thanks for bearing with me.

But all those plans will have to wait until next week, I guess, except for the post on how to find unique stuff for your house without going broke - let's talk about that tomorrow.  Sound good?


todd said...

I've missed hearing from you!

the jersk. said...

I love you! and I have been checking over and over for an update. it does feel like coffee chats. :)