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In the near-constant stream of computer problems we seem to be having, we no longer have access to any of our photos, or any way to upload and edit the ones on our camera.  So if you follow me and Todd on Instagram, the photos in this post will be old news, since that's all I've got for now.

First things first, I would like to air my grievances about our computers, if you don't mind.  First, our Dell hard drive died a few years ago.  We replaced it.  Then the moniter got way wonky.  We replaced it.  Then the DVD player crapped out.  We replaced it.  Then the battery and power cord situation ended up super janky.  We replaced them.  Now the hard drive seems to have died again.  In the meantime, we've been using a hand-me-down laptop, but it doesn't type properly in any internet applications, so I have to type most stuff in Microsoft Word and paste it into Internet Explorer.  Why Explorer?  Because it won't open Google Chrome without freezing.  Or attach photos to anything using Internet Explorer.  And now Lightroom (the application with all our photos and all our editing) now won't open.  And the DVD player has decided it doesn't work, so I can't even use the kids' math curriculum instructional videos for school.

I have about had it with technology.  It's not worth it.  I'm going to move in with my Amish milk girl and reboot my life.  I can figure out a way to blog while Amish, right?

Okay.  Now that I've ruminated on that long enough to make me want to chuck this very laptop through our dining room wall (and hopefully get insurance to pay for a big glass door and address another one of my grievances: Complete and Utter Lack of Natural Light Even at High Noon), let's move on, shall we?

Last weekend, we took the kids to Rock Bridge, a natural rock formation with lots of nearby hiking trails, a stream, and a cave.  It was fun!  There was this half-underwater cave called Devil's Icebox, where the water stays 58 degrees year-round.  It really sucks that I can't show you pictures.

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Saturday evening, I got in the van to drive to a friend's house, and it wouldn't start.  The fuel pump had totally died and needed to be replaced.  I think you can start to see how our week has been.  But God ended up using it in amazing ways to really show us how strong our community already is here - a friend gave us a ride to church the next day, another couple of friends lent us their van for a few days so I could pick up milk on Monday, and yet another couple took a look at our van for us.  It was a weird blessing, and I ended up being so grateful for the chance to see our community come around us to love us so well.

Yesterday was our ninth anniversary!  It feels so surreal.  I remember once, when we were first married, meeting a couple who had been married for nine years and thinking they seemed like they had been married forever.  It's weird to think that that's us now.

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To celebrate, Todd took me out to dinner at this super fancy steak place.  And by 'steak,' I mean, 'thing that resembles steak but is so far superior to steak that it's kind of a new thing now.'  It was incredible.  Even the salad was so good.  And you know if you're freaking out by the time you take the first bite of the side salad, the rest of the dinner is going to be fantastic.  And it was.  Right down to the crème brule cheesecake.  Yes; if you're wondering, I did gain exactly 74 million pounds last night.  Thanks for noticing.

We headed back home for a date intermission so I could feed Rocco and Todd could put the kids in bed for the sitters, then we headed downtown... to a tattoo place.  I have wanted a tattoo for literally half my life.  I have found myself in tattoo shops no less than three times now, ready to pull the trigger.  And each previous time, something got in the way.  So I'm so excited to have finally gotten to go through with it.  I got little triangles for each of the kids on my wrist.  I also got my nose pierced again.  And twice.  I'm hoping to (SOON AND VERY SOON) change out the blingy studs to some very small gold rings.

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We survived our second full week of school, and I'm still going steady with my Couch to 5k endeavor (I ran 3.00 miles in 30 minutes the other day; my goal is 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes, so I'm getting close!).  It's been kind of a crazy week, but we all lived to tell the tale, so life is good, right?  Right.


todd said...

right as rain. you look so cute with your piercings and your tats. you are a super feminine, cute lady an I'm so glad you are my wife. love ya, love ya!!!

Emily Sunderland said...

Congrats on 9 years!! :)