my newest 'thing'

CHECK IT OUT!!! isn't it awesome?!!

you mean you don't know what it is?! well, other than being a testament to the fact that i truly am a renaissance wife, i don't know what it is either. i taught myself to crochet yesterday, using a book that i would never recommend for pattern purposes, unless you want to know how to crochet a tassled ipod-holder rope belt. yes, it was in there. and it was one of the classier items.

anyway, considering that i'm not skilled enough yet to crochet the aforementioned belt, i fashioned this little trinket yesterday. still trying to figure out what it is....

perhaps the love child of elton john and martha stewart?

or maybe a scarf for the top half of my wrist for when it gets cold? (but only the top half, the bottom half can suck it up, it's not that cold out.)

any other suggestions? let's put it to a vote.


The Grout Family said...

i say it would be a pretty sweet bracelet! :P

PS - was it easy to learn? i've always wanted to figure out how to crochet! :D

YAYA said...

Luggage Tag?

tivo vovo said...

you are awesome wife.
while i'm out being super trendy, modern with my commute and my cubicle job, you are making bread from scratch and crocheting!
go wife go!

Sarah said...

Up Next: Crocheting the 'little treasure' from your previous post. Lookin forward to that one!

BeckyPerky said...

Put it on your key chain... Every time you grab your keys it will remind you of the next project you want to work on.

Congrats! It's so cute. I also Crochet and Knit so if you ever want to spend an afternoon crafting, let me know.