i'll give you three guesses...

...and the first two don't count.

guess whether i was folding laundry any time recently, and whether i turned my back for a second.

guess where my dumpster-diving husband and i found the following:

guess whether i had fun getting crafty for a baby shower:

guess what my awesome kid is working on:

guess whether atticus enjoys feeling his top and bottom teeth touch, and whether he enjoys his biter biscuits:

guess whether we've limited biter biscuits to bath days:
guess whether my tiny guy brings me tons of joy every day:

guess whether atticus is a true van voorst:

guess whether atticus is his mama's child:

guess whether atticus is too cool for school:

guess whether atticus wants to be anything like his daddy:

guess whether i have tons of fun with my husband:
guess how proud i am of my amazing, claims-specializing, stylin' husband:


Ted n' Tiff said...

I love it! Nice blog! Atticus is really starting to look more and more like a little boy and growing out of looking like a baby! Time is flying by!

Mrs. Alsbury said...

can't wait to hang out with you tomorrow!

Danielle said...

Woo! Atticus is looking adorable! And Todd! aLooking good in the suit! Congratulations on the new job!!!