the state fair

what is there to say about the fair? other than the fact that it is awesome and it was lauren's non-technical first time going, there's not much you can say. it is a wonderful deep-fat-fried place on a stick. not convinced? check. it. izzout.

the kid got to pet a rabbit.

and play 'laura ingalls.' (laurence ingalls, since he's a boy?)

and contemplate deep philosophical quandries.

todd got to take atticus on a giant slide.

lauren was CONVINCED that the state fair really is the rockin'est (next to old threshers).

we got to eat our fill of ice cream (or rather, feed our fill of ice cream to atticus)

penelope was not convinced the fair was the greatest thing ever. (or that clothes are necessary for a woman-about-town.)

we fed the animals.

we fed the animals.

and conked out after a fun day!


lauren said...

so much fun! haha, I love penelope's face in that picture.

YAYA said...

I wanna go!!!