my apologies.

i admit it, i'm really behind on posting photos. so, for the next couple of days, i'll be working on catching up...considering i haven't posted his 5 month pictures and he'll be 6 months on friday, and i haven't posted mother's day photos and father's day is in a couple weeks...yeah.

i'm behind.

so here goes.

helping me brush my teeth. and what a big help it was, too.

in his funny bathrobe

developing his sea legs.

what up?! just waking up. (and, no, he didn't stick his finger in a socket, although it would be an understandable assumption.)

fun with the van voorst boys!

where my dutch boys at?

and a little sum'n sum'n for those of you who think atticus never gets upset (although, that would be an understandable assumption as well.)

what kind of mom takes pictures rather than comforts her kid? who knows.

getting his first haircut.

(not sure if i've posted this or not...he's had two haircuts so far)

all done, and looking much better kempt.

the cutest picture EVER of him cuddling with dad.

he's starting to look more like a kid and less like a newborn. i think, anyway.
so there you have it. more pictures coming soon!


whenjeskasparks said...

i want that white trash picture of me :D

i loooooove the nekkid 5 mo. pic.
and the cuddles.
and the sea legs.

is he pulling up to standing already? or how'd he latch on?

WendyPierce said...

Check out my blog a few weeks ago for pictures of Savannah crying. Sometimes you just can't help it!

Ted n' Tiff said...

Love the pictures! I really, really, really hope we can make a trip out there to visit this summer. I would love to see all of you and meet atticus!

Sarah said...

Just catchin up on blogs :)

I have a friend who's mom would take a polaroid of the kids when they were crying and put the pic up on the fridge the rest of the day as 'punishment'. He said they didn't throw trantrums very much after that. Hard to say if it's genius or just mean! :) Personally, I like it!