america's favorites go head-to-head

oh my, oh my. have i got a recipe for you.  [you], i'd like you to meet tammy's creamy macaroni and cheese.  tammy's creamy macaroni and cheese, i'd like you to meet...[you].

now don't get me wrong, i loved mac 'n cheese long before this little treasure.  but this is not even in the same category as normal homemade mac 'n cheese, not even to mention kraft's...or worse, aldi's.  this mac 'n cheese is like the airbrushed version of britney spears.  sure, if the normal version is all you have, it definitely wouldn't be grounds for killing yourself or anything, but seriously.  airbrushed britney v. n'ere-a-shower britney? i'm sorry, but it's not even a competition.

and may i say, this macaroni has never done any of the following:

..worn latex.
..yo-yo dieted.
..been investigated by dhs.
..had a baby or otherwise associated itself with kevin federline.
..shaved its head.
..looked to jamie spears as its leading financial authority.

i'm just saying.

granted, it also didn't put out the single 'baby one more time,' which may or may not be a strike against it...i'm just giving you all the objective facts here, folks.

anyway, back to the mac.  i'm seriously considering opening a restaurant called "mac 'n more."  the more being more mac, of course.  and maybe some cookies.  because i have a great recipe for those, too.  i'll be a freaking millionaire.  then i'll finally be able to afford fake nails.

thanks, tammy's creamy macaroni and cheese, for making this little girl's wish come true.


YAYA said...

Mac 'n' Cheese is all too often take for granted! REALLY GOOD MnC is hard to come by. Enjoyed probably the best I have ever eaten at a restaurant in Denver. Seems hard to imagine ording it from a menu, but man-o-man it was awesome! I will definitely try your recommendation.

paige said...

just fyi: i topped mine with parmesan cheese and homemade bread crumbs that i sauteed with salt, pepper, and italian seasoning.

Amy said...

I will definitely have to try your fancy mac. :) Kinda sounds like Cafe Mac n Cheese! YUMMM!
You would love this restaurant I went to in East Village, New York City. It's called S'Mac. All kinds of Mac N'Cheese! It was delish!

BeckyPerky said...

I just tried this Paige. Thanks for sharing, it was WONDERFUL!