modest is hottest.

i feel privileged to be "in the know" about fashion this season.  last year i bought this one-piece swimming suit - mostly for modesty reasons, but also because i'd had a baby the previous winter and stuff settles back in differently.  not to mention the fact that i got a REALLY dark line down my belly when i was pregnant and it took about 6 months to fully fade.  nothing screams "hot bikini" like a dark stripe connecting the top piece to the bottom piece.

anyway.  one-piece swimsuit.  THIS season, i have heard the phrase "modest is hottest" in regards to swimwear.  not only do i back this campaign 110% (no one cares about your belly button ring - put some clothes on), but...i also thought of it.

i'm a PC (paige chorpening) and 'modest is hottest' was my idea...last season.


WendyPierce said...

This blog has stolen my heart. :)

Amy said...

HAHA! I love it!! I just heard Ashley McHenry use that phrase last weekend, and it's been in my head ever since! Absolutely love it! :) Way to rock the hot modesty!