a compelling argument against co-sleeping.

last weekend we took the kids down to my parents' for a little change of pace and to introduce penelope to family who hadn't met her yet.  i have a really hard time sleeping in the same room with her (she's INCREDIBLY noisy in her sleep) so i let her sleep in one room, and todd, atticus and i slept in another room.

around 6:30 on sunday, atticus was up and ready for the day, making all kinds of noise in the pack and play.  (i think they should rename those things to 'sleep and keep on sleeping' gives kids mixed signals to include the word "play" in what is mostly used for a bed.) so i got up to lay him back down, hoping it would give him the hint to go back to sleep.

because it was still dark in the room and my eyes were all dried out from 4 weeks of sleep deprivation, i couldn't see super well, so when i looked in the bed and saw these dark spots everywhere, i was understandably confused.  then i remembered that he had this scab on his knee that he would sometimes scrape and it would bleed everywhere, so i determined it must be blood.  everywhere in his bed.  fantastic.

then, though bleary-eyed, i figured out that he was bare-butt...he had figured out how to take off his diaper and those dark splotches were not blood.  and what in the world was that wet puddle on the floor?

yes, he had pooped his pants, taken his diaper off, stepped in the poop, then walked all over the bed.  then, standing against the side of the pack and play, he had peed through the mesh.

thank goodness we got to him before he tried to pick it would have been all over his hands and in his hair.  gag.

and, call me selfish, but thank goodness it didn't happen in a shared bed.


Sarah said...

oh my word. i just laughed the hardest!

WendyPierce said...

Savannah went through a phase of pulling poop out of her diaper and painting her walls with it.... sounds like you had it easy :)